Future Simple


Positive Subject + will + verb (bare inf.)
Negative Subject + will not (won’t) + verb (bare inf.)
Question Will + subject + verb (bare inf.)…?


I will go to Georgia next year.

She won’t let anyone get into her room.

Will you come to my party tomorrow?


We use simple future to talk about:

actions or facts in the future or the actions that happen again and again in the future. I will be at high school next year.

She will cook every night next month. 

an offer, a promise, a threat, an invitation or a request, etc. I will open the door for you.

I will be good and will do my homework every day.

 I will send you out if you keep talking.

Will you come to my party on Saturday?

Will you help me with this, please?

opinion, thought, prediction about something in the future.

*We often use the verbs like be sure, know, think, etc. with this use.

I think you will enjoy the party tomorrow.
the decision at the moment of speaking There’s someone at the door. I will open it.

 *Shall I…? and Shall we…? are often used to give an offer or a suggestion: Shall we go out for dinner?


  1. Complete the sentences with I’ll + a suitable verb.

a. I’m too tired to walk home. I think I’ll get a taxi.

b. ‘It’s a bit cold in this room.’ ‘Is It? … on the heating then.’

c. ‘We haven’t got any milk.’ ‘Oh, haven’t we? … and get some.’

d. ‘Do you want me to do the washing-up?’ ‘No, it’s all right. … it.’

e. ‘I don’t know how to use this computer.’ ‘OK, … you.’

f. ‘Would you like tea or coffee? ‘… coffee, please.’

g. ‘Goodbye! Have a nice holiday.’ ‘Thanks. … you a postcard.’

h. Thank you for lending me your camera. … it back to you on Monday, OK?

i. ‘Are you coming with us?’ ‘No, I think … here.’


b. I’ll turn/I’ll switch/I’ll put

c. I’ll go

d. I’ll do

e. I’ll show/I’ll teach

f. I’ll have

g. I’ll send

h. I’ll give/I’ll bring

i. I’ll stay/I’ll wait

  1. What do you say in these situations? Write sentences with shall I …? or shall we …?

a. You and a friend want to do something this evening but you don’t know what. You ask your friend. What shall we do this evening?

b. You try on a jacket in a shop. You are not sure whether to buy it or not. You ask a friend for advice. … it?

c. It’s Ann’s birthday next week. You want to give her a present but you don’t know what. You ask a friend for advice. What …

d. You and a friend are going on holiday together but you haven’t decided where. You ask him/her. …

e. You and a friend are going out. You haven’t decided whether to go by car or to walk. You ask him/her …

f. Your friend wants you to phone later. You don’t know what time to phone. You ask him/her …


  b. Shall I buy it?

c. What shall I give/buy/get Ann (for her birthday)?

d. Where shall we go?

e. Shall we go by car or (shall we) walk?/… or (shall we go) on foot?

f. What time shall I phone (you)?


The information we used is collected from different sources on the Internet and in English coursebooks.


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