This platform is created with the intention to support your English Learning Process. It covers 10 units in total and all the units are organized from 1 to 10, which makes it easier for you to track. It is believed that learning tenses is the very first step in conquering English. That is why we set up this website. We hope that all the units we supplied can help you to improve your English and become more confident in daily English communication.

The lessons in the website are not original. They are collected from different sources on the Internet and in various English Coursebooks. We reorganized them and made them become a complete course so that you can find it more convenient to learn. We’d like to show the appreciation to all the sources that we collected information from:

Cambridge English Grammar in Use Coursebook by Raymond Murphy.

The English Practice Coursebook and Textbook 9 by Mai Lan Huong and Ha Thanh Uyen.

https://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org website.

http://www.englishtenses.com website.

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